You name it! – Eva & Swedish Names and Statistics

Wow, I’m not the only Eva, just one of the 191 582 Evas in Sweden plus 3 men with the name Eva!! Originates from Hebrew *Chawa/ Hava (Arabic) and means First Mother *Swedish =urmoder) and Life. In Sweden Eva is common as a double name combination; Eva-Lisa, Eva- Karin, Eva-Britt etc or as a second name.

One famous Eva was Eva Ekeblad (10 July 1724 – 15 May 1786), née Eva De la Gardie, was a Swedish agronomist, scientist, Salonist and noble (Countess). Her most known discovery was to make flour and alcohol out of potatoes (1746). She was the first female member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (1748).

In Sweden, the most common female name is Maria ((444599) and Erik (301629) on the male side.

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 Congratulations *Swedish=Grattis Gilbert/Herbert *Todays namesday 16th of March