Swedish Sweets & Salty Liquorice – Djungelvrål, Tyrkisk Peber, Bilar, Gelehallon & Jättesur


Swedish Sweets: Now available  in the Oh So Swedish Arts & Crafts Studio and shop on Brighton Seafront, right on the beach between the Pier and the Wheel.


  • Bilar Original ( *Cars)  – Soft chewy marshmallows 125 g    
  • Djungelvrål (*Jungle Roar) Super Salty Liquorice  80 g       
  • Tyrkisk Peber (*Turkish Pepper/Hot salmiak) 120 g              
  • Gott & Blandat Original(*Sweet & Mixed) Wine Gum 160 g  
  • Jättesur (*Super Sour Sweets)                                                          
  • Gelehallon (*Raspberry Jelly ) 200g                                              


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