Swedish Summer & Rain-Laden Clouds – Time to read a Nordic “Deckare” *

If the much-longed- for Summer & Sunny Skies are shattered by rain-laden clouds, why not read a thrilling “Nordic Deckare, * Nordic Detective Books written by female writers or with female heroines.











My favourite writers are Inger Frimansson  (photo above) and Karin Alvtegen  (Photo: Casia Bromberg) with  books such as  Skuld (* Guilt), Skam (*Shame) and Svek ( * Betrayal).

Listen to Robyn ” Rain-laden Clouds”

News: Gula Hyllan *The Yellow Book Shelf- Oh So Swedish Studio & Workshop/Brighton, now offer a small number of 2nd hand books (*mainly Nordic detective books in Swedish). Only £ 1/each. Welcome and browse!