Swedish Midsummer – A Swedish Tradition in a mixed mood of joy & melancholy

Post Swedish Midsummer Eve reflections;

Hope everyone had a great Midsummer Eve in Sweden. An outdoor tradition in Sweden around Summer Solstice with lots of joyful celebrations; Picking leaves & flowers to dress and rise the Maypole with following “Little Frogs Dancing”,  Midsummer Smörgåsbord al Fresco  &  *Schnapps songs with the  little *Nubbens i.e  Aquavits.

Along with the Midsummer joy, there are also a hint of “Swedish melancholy” connected with Midsummer, the brightest and longest day of the year. When realising, days getting shorter towards the dark and long winter.  And for those spending Midsummer abroad, it might spark a bit of home sickness.



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