Red, Green or Blue? Oh So Swedish Birch Forest Coasters & Round Placemats

















Oh So Swedish Birch Forest Tableware – A new red edition now available, the ultimate Scandi Christmas Gift ? Or just or all year round  table ware  to “Brighton up” your kitchen table.

Design: Eva Oh So Swedish

Strawberry red (new design), Vibrant Green or Jeans Blue.

Available from Oh So Swedish Arts & Crafts, Brighton Beach BN2 1ET.


  • Coasters 10 x 10 cm(Heat resistant printed vinyl on mdf squares. Wipe of with a wet cloth.) 

          Price in shop: Set of 4 :£10.00 in shop or £2.50 each


  • Round Placemats  25 cm diameter  (Heat resistant printed vinyl on round mdf. Wipe off with a wet cloth).

          Price in shop: Set of 4  for £22.00  or £6.00/each



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