Nordic Walking (Swedish *Stavgång) For everyone and everywhere. No more excuses, just do it!!










Nordic Walking  is a very popular and common way of Fitness Exercise in Sweden/the Nordic area.  In Europe there are more than 6 million people practising Nordic Walking! A good choice and advantages for those who have too many thresholds to climb before get up, out and get moving.


Below some tempting pros for Nordic Walking, from my personal view as well as a Nordic Walking Instructor:

  • Nordic Walking is neither dangerous nor harmful for knees and other  joints, i.e. better for those with back and knee problems and for those with a bad posture. It’s an excellent way to get moving for the elderly, as the poles provide support, if used correctly.
  • Nordic Walking is a low cost way of physical training, a pair of good quality poles for under £50 and a pair of walking shoes. No need for special expensive track suits or Lycra. 
  • Nordic Walking is an effective way of exercise, since you burn calories faster than by ordinary walking, because of the rotation of the upper body and by swinging and pushing by the arms & shoulders..
  • Nordic walking is fun, easy to learn as well easy to practise everywhere with collapsible, telescopic walking poles which can be taken on trains, the Tube and buses as well brought to work for your lunch break walk, even if just for 20 minutes.
  • Nordic walking is fun and easy in a group, with friends, i.e. a social friendly way of exercise. A healthy and refreshing “Pole walk” to your favourite Cafe in the Park for a well deserved cup of coffee/tea.
  • Nordic Walking is a great way to get started if you have had too many excuses not to get up from the sofa and out for a invigorating walk and fresh air.
  • Nordic walking is good for your mind,  a great way to reduce stress levels while concentrate on swinging the poles into the right rythm. It makes it like a Yoga session for your soul, positive thinking and ignites new ideas.

Watch  the Youtube Video from *Stavgångsakademin (*The Nordic Walking Academy) * in Swedish

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