New Swedish Sweets & Easter Eggs Welcome to Oh So Swedish Arts & Crafts Brighton Beach

Salty Liquorice Fish

Marabou Schweizernöt Chocolate Bar 100g

Swedish Easter Eggs to Fill with Sweets 12 cm

Marabou Black Liquorice Chocolate 200g














Läkerol original Menthol and Liquorice Pastilles Big pack

Jelly Raspberries 100g-bag

Sour & Fruity Soda Pops 100g-bag


































Sweet, Fruity, Salty and Chewy- Welcome to more Swedish Sweets, Salty Liquorice, Chocolate and Pastilles, many of the Swedish classics like Kexchoklad, Marabou Schweizernöt, Ahlgrens Bilar, Djungelvrål, Läkerol Pastilles (now also with sea salt), Gelehallon, Salta Fiskar and Jordgubbs lianer.

We also have colourful Easter Eggs to fill with sweets as Easter gifts.


Welcome and Happy Easter – Välkomna och Glad Påsk




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