Glad Midsommar /Happy Midsummer – Celebrate the longest day of the year like the Swedes









We wish you all a Happy Midsummer eve & Glad Midsommarafton.

Swedes celebrates with  flower wreaths on their heads and dancing around the Midsummer pole with  wrapped in Birch leaves and wild flowers.

A classic ring dance is the funny ” Little Frogs” followed by a Midsummer al fresco buffet with pickled herring, new potatoes, salmon , strawberry cake and of course beer and a aquavit schnapps. SKÅL & CHEERS .

Another tradition is  for women to pick 7 different wild flowers to put under your pillow, you will then dream of the future husband-partner.

Oh So Swedish wish you all a Happy Midsummer – Glad Midsummer.

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