Autumn Update – New products on it’s way from Sweden to Oh So Swedish, Brighton Beach

New and fresh stock of Swedish products, genuine Swedish wood & textile products & design :

  • Dala Horse Bag  50 % cotton/ 50 % linen
  • Handprinted Cushion Cover – Kurbits from Silverhyttan
  • Old fashion wooden Dish Brush
  • Hasselbacks potatoe wooden dish
  • Alder wood Sandwich pallet & Butterknife
  • Juniper  Wooden Butterknives with
  • Novelty Cheese Slicers with Swedish Alder wood handle/ Stainless steel shaped as a Moose/Sheep/Cow/Cat/ Dala Horse/ Viking
  • Lagom Book  by Linnea Dunne the Lagom  Swedish lifestyle
  • Kids Book (3- 6 yrs) Paradisa Pettersson rycker ut by Andreas Hasselberg