” I heard it through the Pebbles” – At the Oh So Swedish Studio/Brighton Riviera

Funny questions & comments heard from some of The Oh So Swedish visitors on the Pebbled Seafront;
-Are you a real Swede?  ): Yes I am, not a Turnip, ha, ha
– Do you have any of these typical Cuckoo-clocks? ): Wrong country – That’s Switzerland *not Sweden.
– What’s special with Swedish Arts & Crafts vs British?  ): Well, it’s Swedish! (good question from a young bloke)
– Do Swedish women walk naked outside in the cold winter? ): Yes, that’s why we keep looking young & fresh, half-year frozen means extended freshness and prolonged life”

-Where is all your stock”?  ): Sorry,this is not IKEA, it’s a small Swedish Arts & Crafts Studio & Workshop (*IKEA has about 12,000 products in their range).

Listen to Marvin Gayes’  “I heard it through the grapevine