Soon coming More Swedish Sweets,Salty Liquorice, Lingonberry, Dill crisps, Cheese Doodles and Gingerbread dough etc

Welcome all to  Oh So Swedish Arts & Crafts little shop on Brighton Brighton Beach, BN2 ( Sorry no online sale of below items except the Moose Gingerbread cutter)

 If you need a home delivery before Christmas( by bicycle) please email: eva@ohsoswedish (Note 0nly Central Brighton/Hove). Delivery fee £3.50/ free delivery over £40.00)

Christmas drinks:
  • Blossa Glögg 750 ml
    Sav Glöd  Glögg 500 ml
  • Annika’s Glöggmix – Mulled Wine Spices
  • Nygårda Julmust – Christmas Soft Drink 1.5 litre
Christmas cookies, sweets and baking stuff:
  • ScandiKitchen Pepparkaksdeg –Gingerbread Dough 500g
  • GastroMax  ÄLG Pepparkaksmått – Cutter Cookie Moose/Elk 11cm
  • Annas Pepparkakor -Ginger Thins – Red Tin 400g
  • Nidar Liten Julegris Marsipan – Small Marzipan Pig 65g
Snacks and crisps:
  • OLW Cheez Doodles – Cheesy Corn Snacks 160g
    Estrella Dillchips – Dill Flavoured Crisps 175g
  • Estrella Holiday Dipmix – Onion & Pepper Dip Mix 26g
    Estrella Sourcream and Onion DIP MIX 24g
Scandinavian Sweets and Liquorice:
Fazer Marianne 120g
Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Original 120g
Malaco Djungelvrål – Salty Liquorice 80g
LG Malaco Salta Fiskar – Salty fish
Marabou Mjölkchoklad Schweizernöt – Hazelnut Chocolate 200g
Marabou Black Saltlakrits – Milk Choc W Salty Liquorice 180g
Marabou Mjölkchoklad – Milk Chocolate 200g
Galle Jessen Spunk Salty Liquorice Pastilles 23g
Cloetta Plopp – Chocolate with Caramel 158g
Cloetta Kexchoklad – Chocolate Wafer 60g
Malaco Skipper’s Pipes 8-pack
Ahlgrens Bilar Original – Fruity Marshmallow Sweets 125g
LG Malaco Pastellfisk – Swedish fish
LG Malaco Salmiakbalk – Salmiak trunks
Carletti Skumbanan – Banana Marshmallow 25g
Toms Pingvin Backpack Mix 324g
Toms Pingvin Luggage Mix 297g
Jam and Pickles :
Felix Lingonsylt– Swedish Wild Lingonberry Jam 283 g
Felix Smörgåsgurka– Swedish Pickled Gherkins (extra crunchy) great for sandwiches.


Hjärtligt Välkomna  – Very Welcome till Oh So Swedish


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